IOSC controller

Technovative Security fully featured micro controller based IOSC controllers. IOSC controller used to perform small scale automation tasks more quickly.

The IOSC controller can replace a large number of conventional switching and control devices. The IOSC controller is even more versatile for analog value measurement and simple control and monitor tasks.

It receives two universal inputs which can be programmed in the factory. IOSC controller interface with BMS through RS485 using MODBUS RTU.



  • Advanced Microcontroller based IOSC controller.
  • PFC outputs to control external devices.
  • Digital inputs to monitor the status and mode.
  • Software Calibration for Analog channels.
  • MODBUS RTU multi drop RS-485 serial communication for PLC, SCADA, etc.
  • Fixed baud rate with 9.6k
  • Remote programmable from master device.
  • Wall mounting.
  • MS Powder coated enclosure.
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