The Technovative Security“Data Logger” has been specially developed keeping process measurement requirements of different locations in Pharmaceutical industries. The Data logger can measure, log and report process parameters like Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, Vacuum, pH, etc. The data logger accepts data from either as analog inputs or RS485. 128×64 graphical LCD is provided to monitor process parameter and process violations. Built-in RTC provided to store data with real time and date stamp. Data transfers to any master device on MODBUS RTU RS-485 communication for remote monitoring. Data logger supports different types of units for process value data.

No. of Channels: Supports maximum 48 channels
Input Type: Analog Inputs 4-20mA/0 – 10VDC
Display: 128×64 Graphical LCD
Keypad: Soft touch membrane keypad
Output: MODBUS RTU, RS485
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