Home Automation

Home automation embraces a host of functions that can be remotely controlled Lighting from a central command panel or from, individual touch plates in every room. This can include lights that change color, dimmers, switches that are sensitive to movement and timed lighting (part of the security installation). This is extendable to the garden, outhouse, swimming pool or garage.

Curtains and blinds that respond to your preference without having to get up.
Temperature/climate control with presets that can be overridden. This can apply to the whole house or to zones within the house.

Security including CCTV, locks on outside doors, automatic gates, lighting to simulate your presence in the house while you are away. You can also have access to the controls and the CCTV camera on your smart phone.

Entertainment is also enhanced by remotely recording a TV programme you forgot to set before you went to Sydney for your holiday.

If there is anything else, tell us. It is more than likely we can find a way of automating it.

Amazingly all these functions can be reduced to their simplest, most intuitive form on a variety of control units including remote handsets, touch plates, and smart phones. Intelligent configuration makes it very easy to find what you want or make a command.

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