Static Pass Box Controller

In the process of material transfer from unclassified area to classified area pass boxes are used. Pass box is rectangular box with two doors . The two doors are interlocked such a way that two doors cannot be open at the same time, due to which pressure losses and bacterial contamination doesn’t take place throughout the material transferring process .

The prevention of simultaneous access of doors is been achieved by our Pass Box controller by ensuring that when one door for a Pass box is open then other door is closed.

Features :

  • Advanced Micro controller based.
  • Supports Maximum of 2 doors
  • Supports Electromagnetic locks/Electric strikers
  • Delay time between door openings is 4 Sec.
  • Inbuilt sensor Magnetic Lock to read door feedback.
  • Door status indication with high intensity Bar LEDs
  • Status indication: GO, WAIT, DOOR OPEN, CLOSE DOOR
  • Buzzer output for door is kept open more than specified time from 2 to 30 min.
  • UV Lamp controlling
  • UV Lamp ON for both Doors closed
  • UV Lamp OFF for both Doors Open
  • CF Lamp controlling
  • CF Lamp  ON when any door is open
  • CF Lamp OFF for both Doors Closed
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