PLC Door Interlocking Systems

The door interlocking system is used to control the entry of personnel to a secure area such as a clean room, where dust or small particles may be a problem . The principle is generally well under-stood. In its simplest form, the door interlocking is composed of 2 to 12 doors that are electrically interlocked in such a way that the all doors cannot be opened simultaneously. The door interlocks are used in a variety of situations but in essence they are there to control the unwanted passage from one area to another . Door Inter Locking
System achieves in prevention of process area contamination by


  • Preventing simultaneous access of doors/Rooms.
  • Ensures that when one door for a room is OPEN then all other doors in that particular room are closed.
  • Programmable delay between each door openings to maintain required pressure.
  • In Emergency an override key is available on a push button module for opening the door.

Model : PDILS

  • Programmable¬†¬†logic controller based system.
  • It supports up to many doors (as per site condition).
  • Emergency Station is provided to unlock all doors in emergency.
  • Sequence of door inter Locking is field configurable.
  • Recovery pressure can be gained by providing time delay is field configurable from 0 to 999 Sec.
  • Auto lock time is field configurable from 0 to 999 Sec.
  • Inbuilt sensor Magnetic Lock to read door feedback.
  • It is provided with LCD display for user Programming.
  • Easy use Soft touch Tactile keys
  • User-friendly programming modes.
  • Non-Volatile programming memory to store programming parameters.
  • Door status indication with GO, WAIT message display
  • Provided long life BAR LEDs.
  • Supports Access control module interface.
  • Supports Fire alarm module interface.
  • Weather proof control box.
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