Air shower Controller

The air shower is a supporting device for the clean workshops and the assembly clean room, is used to blow the dusts attached to the surfaces of the people and objects entering the clean workshop, and also functions as an air brake to prevent non-purified air from entering the clean area. It is an effective device to clean up the surfaces of the persons and the objects and to prevent the outdoor air from invading the clean area. It has strong versatility, can be used along with all clean rooms and clean workshops, and is an ideal choice to establish a dust-free workshop.

The Air Shower system controls the sequential locking and release of the doors, and controls the Blower. The two doors are interlocked such that two doors cannot be open at the same time, to prevent pressure losses and cross contamination.


Our Air Shower interlocking system achieve this by preventing simultaneous access of door by ensuring that when one door for a Air Shower interlocking system is open then other door is closed. before opening of door.

1. When Door 1 is opened the display on the Door 2 will indicate “WAIT” & person access the door by pressing push button.

2. Both Doors are provided with EM Locks


Features :

  • Advanced Micro controller based.
  • Supports Maximum of 2 doors
  • Supports Electromagnetic locks/Electric strikers
  • Door status indication with high intensity Bar LEDs
  • Status indication: GO, WAIT on push button station.
  • Digital Display with soft tactile keypad.
  • Status indication: OPEN (Door 2 open), Mode of operation: MAN, AUTO on digital display module.
  • User programmable Blower ON time variable from 0 – 255 Sec.
  • Buzzer output for door 2 is open.
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