5 - Door Interlocking System

Model: ILS5555D

  • Advanced Microcontroller based system.
  • It supports up to 5 doors.
  • Emergency Station is provided to unlock all doors in emergency.
  • Sequence of door interlocking is field configurable.
  • The Auto lock time for Electromagnetic Lock is 4 sec. (Default) configurable up to 999 Sec.
  • The Pressure lock time between door openings is 4 sec. (Default). configurable up to 999 Sec.
  • Inbuilt sensor Magnetic Lock to read door feedback.
  • It is provided with LCD display for user Programming.
  • Easy use soft touch Tactile keys.
  • User-friendly programming modes.
  • Non-Volatile programming memory to store programming parameters.
  • Door status indication with GO, WAIT message display.
  • Provided long life BAR LEDs.
  • Supports Access control module interface.
  • Supports Fire alarm module interface.
  • Weatherproof control box.
  • It Support All Types of Touch free Sensors.
  • It Supports Emergency Buzzer Output.
  • It Has Potential Free Contacts for Door Status indication. For BMS (or) EMS.
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